About Us

Our Goal

Recovery Asset Network has one goal: reuniting businesses and individuals with their missing money. Since its inception in 2010, Recovery Asset Network has recovered over Twenty-Five million dollars in unclaimed funds for our clients.

There are millions of dollars sitting in government agencies and some of that money might belong to you. Recovery Asset Network has access to listings of uncashed checks throughout the country This information allows us to identify businesses or individuals who are rightfully due this money. These checks usually cannot be located by using state unclaimed property searches.

Our Philosophy

Government agency paperwork can be confusing and hard to understand. Our job at Recovery Asset Network is to fill out the paperwork for you and make sure you have all of the proper supporting documents to file your claim correctly the first time. Once we submit your claim, Recovery Asset Network will keep in contact with the government agency as needed to ensure that your claim is being processed. We will also inform you on the status of your claim and update you periodically on when you can expect your check(s) to be reissued.

For Information

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